Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fish bowls. K4

 Gretchen's lesson

5 year olds.
Fish bowls.

More art for calendars.

Many thanks to the teachers who shared this lovely art idea. http://jamestownelementary
I gave the children a selection of fish photos. They made excellent observational drawings of a fish. 

I asked them to make several sketches of fish outlines details. I encouraged that they look at other children's drawings.

This was a challenge.

They chose their sketch that looked the most like a fish. They drew it on a coloured piece of paper and cut it out.

They stuck it to a piece of white paper and drew a fish bowl around the fish. They added seaweed and bubbles and a few details to their fish. They cut out the bowl.

I bought some scrapbooking paper. They chose two pieces and used them as a background which they stuck their fishbowl onto.

 In order for the children to have some art to take home, they drew a large fish with black crayon. They added colour with oil pastel.

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